Monday 20 May 2024


'Cley Next the Sea' Jigsaw lino print


'Daisies' Solar, mono, lino and chine colle print


'Four Pots' Solar and lino print

'Keeping Trimmed' midi size jigsaw print

'Little Snoring' midi sized jigsaw lino print


'Wittenham Clumps' (Oxfordshire) Jigsaw lino print



mini lino jigsaw print 'Windy Mill'

 Mini lino jigsaw print 'Blue Bells'

 Ox Eye Daisies, a mono lino print, using stencil, lino and coloured pencils

 A few solar and lino prints, I will have a broad selection of these unframed, for sale at Wighton24.

Exhibition dates, 5th July till 5th August 2024, see NNEP website for details



     I'm really delighted to have been selected for the NNEP exhibition at Wighton Church, Wighton24 this year, I have linked plants, a re-curing theme in my work and bunting, both of these used to celebrate special events. I have printed many lengths which should look splendid stretched between the pillars in the church.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Daisy Daisy Daisy

 Daisy Daisy Daisy

A lino based monoprint built from many layers of colour 

added by cutting pieces of lino and individually printing all the pieces. 

A monoprint is described as a print with a preworked plate which has been added to, 

a monotype is a print with no pre-cutting or working on the printing plate, made just using a plain

piece of plastic or board, with colour brushed or rolled on and worked into.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Cromer Artspace 'Colour' exhibition

 Winter Umbels

I'm delighted to say this monoprint has been selected for the Cromer ArtSpace autumn exhibition called - 'Colour'

statement - Colour choice matters hugely, sometimes I instantly know the colours for a print, also I can endlessly add and block colour as with ‘Winter Umbels’ which has a monoprinted base with added layers.  I wanted cool tones to resonate with winter but also that odd moment of warmth when spotting an autumn leaf or sunset glow. A colour clash can give an unexpected thrill in the print, waking it up

Exhibition starts on the 29th September till the 18th October,

Please visit -

for opening times